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Numerology is the contemporary but popular practice of decoding numbers to uncover personal insights, guiding life choices, and revealing hidden patterns for self-discovery and growth.

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Palm Reading

Palm reading, a popular divination method, interprets the lines, shapes, and features of the hand to reveal glimpses of an individual’s personality traits, life path, and potential future experiences.

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Sharad Srivastava

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Why Choose Me

My Speciality

Get in-depth exploration for an individual’s life-path number with my hallmark attributes.


Serving with complete accuracy to help you to embark and align your life goals.


Get authentic guidance to make life prosper and foster your personal growth.


Taking a holistic approach and optimizing wide coverage of all life-affecting aspects.


What My Clients Say?

OmkarBless's numerology unveiled my life's code. Insights resonated and guided me. A transformative journey towards self-awareness and purpose.
Deepak R
Numerology by OmkarBless is enlightening. Personalized readings provided clarity and direction. A profound experience that empowered my choices.
Pooja K
OmkarBless's numerology is exceptional. Decoding numbers led to self-discovery and growth. Grateful for the insightful guidance on my journey.
Ritu B
OmkarBless's palmistry amazed me. Accurate readings uncovered my path. A truly enlightening experience, guiding me towards a better future.
Sneha M
Palmistry by OmkarBless is incredible. Personalized insights resonated deeply, offering clarity and empowerment. A notable journey of self-discovery.
Arjun P
OmkarBless's palmistry is exceptional. Reading my palms felt like unlocking secrets of my life. Grateful for the profound guidance and revelations.
Nisha S
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